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Jimmy Willis, Marketing Manager at the Angling Trust (NGB for fishing in England), explains how whip fishing and the new £14.99 fishing pack he’s put together with reputable leading retailer Angling Direct, is the perfect way to learn to fish and Get Fishing…

‘How To Go Whip Fishing’ is the first of my series of videos to help you give fishing a go, on your own!

I’ll be getting you started in all the most popular styles of fishing: whip, float, feeder, carp, sea and game. As the series of videos progress I’ll introduce some more advanced techniques and info on how to target individual species.

In each video, I’ll be accompanied by an Angling Trust qualified licensed coach who’ll help show how to set up and use the new Angling Direct Get Fishing Whip Pack. This is a brilliant new all-in-one set of fishing tackle which has everything you need.

In the first episode, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my colleague, Dean Asplin. Hopefully it’s easy to follow but if you have any questions on this video, or anything at all related to getting starting in angling please get in touch with me by commenting on the video below – I’d love to read your comment and will be more than happy to help!

Don’t miss this – you can see all of the contents of the whip fishing pack over on our sister site for beginner anglers “Get Fishing”.

See what’s in the whip pack HERE

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