Fly fishing for salmon has never been an exact science, but just how many times do you connect with fish on the retrieve? These are often ‘induced’ takes, where a previously inactive fish has hit a fly because of sudden variation in its movement. Check out this compilation for some superb examples. We particularly love the ‘cereal bar’ retrieve – it’s the stuff of legend!

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  1. A very smartly raised rod end may not only be the required inducement to obtain a vicious take from a sea trout or a salmon but often raises the hackles of many a bailiff who is immediate in his opinion that the fisher is intent on foul hooking fish.
    Arthur Oglesby and no doubt thousands of game anglers know full well that if a fly occasionally is felt to catch a stone on a cold day or rather cold water it may well be fishing at a depth to be able to inadvertently foul hook but it is sometimes vitally important to fish at that depth to get a genuine take.
    Until an angler is seen to retain a fish that has been foul hooked that angler should have been given the opportunity to put that foul hooked fish back into the water as quickly as possible.
    On numerous occasions it will be found that the angler who is familiar with the induced take will catch fish when no other style of fishing will work. It seems patently obvious the induced take knack should be learnt. The hand on the hip fishers I doubt know about the induced take method of fishing and there is a saying that should in my view be highly debatable and that is if a fish wants the fly he will get it!
    Perhaps those hand on hip fishers have no desire whatsoever to learn the IT method and it makes one wonder if watching the birds is all they want to do and the catching of fish is secondary to their desires. They are perhaps wealthy enough to have a day out on the river & buy a salmon at the fishmongers… Thank you….
    I now what Arthur Oglesby meant when he said the Gillie says they are not takin…… So Arthur retorted, well then we’ll set about making them take. Many fishers do not have the first inkling what he meant by that.

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