Homemade reed fishing floats – step by step

*Original Article from April 2020*

While the UK is battling with coronavirus, we all know that it is important for us to stay at home in order to prevent the virus spreading. Here is something we hope you will find to be a very interesting and useful project, for those who find themselves with some extra time at home but still thinking about fishing!

This article is written by our Building Bridges volunteer Krzysztof Barczak and will explain for you, step by step, how to make a fishing float from ‘reed’!

So, let us start with a few bits and pieces which you will need:

1. Reed (can be found next to the water)
2. Acrylic paint
3. Fly tying thread
4. Varnish
5. Superglue
6. Sanding paper
7. A piece of wire
8. Cocktail sticks
9. Stanley knife

Once you have these items, you are on your way to making your own floats.
Step 1
Cut the reed to size (it’s up to you if you want your floats to be short or long)

Step 2
Put them together and superglue each piece in turn

Step 3
Put cocktail sticks in the ends

Step 4
Trim the edges by using sanding paper and Stanley Knife

Step 5
Cut wire and make a loop

Step 6
Put the loop into the base of the float and use a bit of superglue to hold it in place

Step 7
Use the thread to go around the float starting from the loop

Step 8
Paint the tip of the float with bright, visible colours

Step 9
Wait for all to dry