Get Fishing – Lure Fishing for Beginners – Perch on Jigs | TAFishing

Lure Fishing for Perch and Pike is becoming incredibly popular. Especially with ultra light rods, reels and jigs. Mike goes through the best lures and jigs to use for Perch, as well as how to set up your lure for jig fishing. Here in the UK, ‘slow jigging’ as it is sometimes known, can be deadly for Perch, especially in the winter when there is less weed about and you can hope your lure along the bottom of the river/lake bed. Often in summer however, the rivers are very weedy. Whilst it can pay off to opt for a weedless approach, there are ways of finding and catching Perch with your standard jig heads. And that is Pocket casting! Find small holes in the weed, especially ones near the margins, and slowly jig your lure up and down. It has worked for us on so many occasions. Hope you guys enjoy the video! 🙂