Fishing in the Leicestershire Coronavirus lockdown area

An area of Leicestershire, including the City of Leicester, has had new coronavirus lockdown restrictions put in place. This means that when current restrictions are changed and eased across England on 4th July, they remain in place in the areas set out by the government around the City of Leicester.

If you live within this area and wish to go fishing, or if you wish to travel into the area in order to go fishing, then it is important that you follow the government’s guidance, specific to this area.

The guidance does not preclude you from fishing, as long as you follow the social distancing and hygiene guidance and do not share tackle with others outside of your immediate family. However, you may find local restrictions have been put in place by the fishery owner. For example, the Canal and Rivers Trust are not allowing fishing on their water within the restricted area. Please check with the owner of the water before you travel or fish.

More information here:

The guidance issued by the government on the 30th June does not specify that previous guidance on meeting out side or traveling for sport of exercise has been revoked.

The following Q&A is intended to help you in deciding if fishing is possible for you at your chosen venue.

Can an angler in a temporary lockdown area fish within that area?

As long as you follow the guidance on social distancing and hygiene, and do not share tackle with anyone outside of your immediate family then the guidance does not stop you from fishing. If you fall into one of the categories that requires you to be “shielding” then you are not advised to go fishing, the governments advice states, “relaxation of shielding measures due on 6 July cannot now take place in Leicester”.

Can an angler in a lockdown area travel outside of that area to fish?

The government’s guidance is clear that they discourage non-essential travel within, and travel to and from Leicestershire. Although at the moment it has the status of advice rather than law the Angling Trust urges all anglers to comply with that guidance as much as possible. You should avoid travelling to or from the locked down area to go fishing. We recognise that outdoor recreation is important to wellbeing. If you live within the area and are able to fish locally then you should be able to continue to do so within the law as it stands, but you should take care to comply with social distancing and guidance as it develops.