A Pike fishing special: Knowledge, tackle and safety!

With the Autumn being a time of year many anglers start to think about predators its important that those who will be pursuing Pike are aware of some important points. Pike are an awesome predator representing a great sporting fish to target but are also fragile susceptible to damage if subject to inadequate tackle and handling procedures. Inexperienced anglers are often uncomfortable with the prospect of Pike. It is always recommended to go Pike fishing for the first time with somebody experienced to supervise but to help out further in Fishing Buzz we have compiled a Pike fishing special addressing everything YOU need to know for enjoying safe & responsible Piking in the colder months!

Firstly video guides to float presented and ledgered deadbait tactics courtesy of ADTV.

Secondly, An expert demonstration in Pike handling by Phil Spinks from landing your fish to removing the hooks!

For those who prefer articles to video, detailed information on tackle, rigs and pike handling is found on the Pike Angling Club website. This encompasses basic RIGS, TRACE CONSTRUCTION, SAFE HANDLING, and UNHOOKING.