About Us

Welcome to Fishing Buzz!

Fishing Buzz is an Angling Trust platform that promotes the best fishing content on the web; cherry picked each week by us to to show off every branch of our wonderful sport!

With a focus on UK-based fishing, we aim to ensure the site is regularly updated with relatable, high quality content. There are a variety of categories to choose from, meaning there’s something to suit everyone!

What makes Fishing Buzz different?

We give our viewers the chance to get directly involved, and welcome any recommendations for great content. Simply drop us a DM on Instagram, or send an email to ‘admin@anglingtrust.net’ where we’ll review suggestions and promote accordingly.

Fishing Buzz content can be anything from web-based blogs, articles & free magazines, through to professional or homemade video productions like you might see on YouTube.

Baseline criteria for content suggestions are the following:

  1. Clean language throughout
  2. Good angling practice & fish handling
  3. No excessive product placement or sales agenda
  4. Freely accessible & shareable

Fishing Buzz is funded through fishing licence income in partnership with the Environment Agency as part of the National Angling Strategic Services Contract.