Updated FAQ’s July 3rd 2020

All answers below relate to the situation from July 4th 2020 in England 

How far apart should pegs be spaced ? 

There are no government rules with regards to peg spacing other than standard social distancing. Fishery Managers and Match Organisers should use common sense and do their best to ensure that pegs are as sensibly spaced as is practical on their fishery to ensure the safety of anglers. 

Can I travel in a car with someone outside of my household to go fishing ? 

Government advice continues to discourage people from different households travelling together in a private car unless it is absolutely necessary. If travelling with another person is necessary, then the government have provided advice about social distancing measures that should be followed HERE 

When I am boat fishing on a reservoir or lake can we fish 2 to a boat ? 

Boat fishing is allowed and the number of people per boat that is allowed would depend on their ability to follow social distancing advice from the government. Please contact reservoirs and lakes ahead of travelling to check what restrictions are in place. 

How many people can I meet up to go fishing  with ? 

When you are outside you can meet in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines. 

Can we open our onsite café or club house ? 

From July 4th, Café’s and restaurants in England will be allowed to open, however they must follow guidance laid down by the government which can be found HERE

Guidance from government on the opening of clubhouses and social clubs is not yet clear, however some details can be found on this government page and we are awaiting updates which should appear here.  

Can I use a Keepnet ? 

Following the return of match fishing to the new COVID compliant best practice guidelines the Angling Trust has revised the overall guidance in respect of no longer discouraging the use of keepnets. This was always intended as a temporary measure until we had secured consent to resume competition fishing. Anglers should check local fishery rules to ensure that they allow keepnets before using them. We would also recommend reading THIS ADVICE on fishing during prolonged hot weather when it comes to the use of keepnets. 

 Can I stay overnight in a tent, caravan, fishing lodge or chalet while I am fishing ? 

Night Fishing has been legal since lockdown restrictions were first lifted, however From 4 July, you will  be able to stay overnight away from the place where you are living without continuing to fish over night. This includes staying overnight in a second home or a holiday home. From 4 July, premises such as hotels and bed and breakfasts will also be allowed to open.You should only stay overnight in groups of up to two households (your support bubble counts as one household) and should ensure you maintain social distancing with anyone you do not live with or is not in your support bubble. Take particular care to maintain excellent hygiene – washing hands and surfaces – and avoid using shared facilities like bathrooms wherever possible 

Can I travel to Wales to Go Fishing ? 

Anglers from England can also travel to Wales to fish from 6th July. But they cannot stay in Wales overnight. From 13th July, people will be able to visit and stay in Wales in self-catering accommodation (this may be brought forward).

We are currently working on a more detailed FAQ covering fishing in Wales. This will be published soon.

Can I travel to France/USA/Cuba/ etc etc to go fishing ? 

Angling Trust are not able to give advice on foreign travel. Please seek information from the Government Website about travel safety and then contact the tourist board of your destination to check on local rules around fishing.