The BEST Salmon Fly EVER! | Seán Woods Fishing | The Park Shrimp

An easy to digest and crystal clear quality tying segment here from game angler and expert fly tyer, Sean Woods as he makes up what he considers to be the perfect all season fly that salmon just can’t resist.!.

Through his own endeavours, he believes this pattern will catch salmon from opening day to closing day, fresh or resident fish, on all rivers.

Everyone in salmon fishing has their own preference and go to fly patterns, and not all will agree with this bold claim. Never the less, it has accounted for a good number of catches and should in our view, have a place in your box whether you choose to buy or tie.


Tag: Gold oval Tail: Orange and yellow Artic runner (layered) with crystal flash and angel hair Butt: Gold ice dub Body: Black fur Rib: Gold oval Wing: Black fox pelt UK reared Jungle cock Hackle: Hot orange badger cock hackle over larger yellow cock hackle.