Preparing & Fishing With Bread | Martin Salter | Reading District Angling Association

The Angling Trust’s very own ‘Nation ‘Campaigns Consultant’ Martin Salter (on behalf of Reading District AA) – invites us in to his home and talks us through the vital steps necessary in the preparation of bread for fishing. Historically, for many starting out fishing, bread was the only available choice. This age old bait has proven its worth, not only in the capture of huge bags of silvers, but has also produced record shattering specimens.

That said, it does need to be prepared correctly and fished carefully in order that its full potential is realised. Here Martin kindly demonstrates for the camera, how to prepare, store, feed, present and hook this most versatile of angling baits.

A terrific film full of great tips and clear instruction throughout, which may make you ponder bait choice for your next session. Obvious really – use your loaf!.