New Advice From Rethink Mental Illness

There’s some newly published advice from Rethink Mental Illness for people severely affected by mental illness and their carers during the covid-19 outbreak.

Rethink Mental Illness say “We know that living with a severe mental illness can be challenging. And the current coronavirus pandemic could create additional problems. This information tries to help you ease or overcome some of these problems.”

There are a great series of frequently asked questions…

The FAQs include:
– Can I go outside to exercise more than once a day if I need to?
– Will my GP surgery still help me?
– I can’t see my carer or friends and relatives face-to-face. How can I stay in touch with them?

For more information check out their website:

A further useful resource for information/help with issues such as substance mis-use and mental health problems is the following:

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