Mr Green’s Rod | Chris Yates | Return To The Sussex Levels

A lovely film here from Fallon Angler in which, after nearly 60 years, Chris Yates returns to Waller’s Haven on the Sussex Levels to fish the same stretch he visited as a boy. To add to the nostalgia, he is using the very same rod – recently restored – as he tries to outdo his 11-year-old self by catching a bream from this famous venue.

As he fishes, so he reminisces and reflects upon the journey that has led him here. With typical humour and charm, Yates gets distracted by perch and eels, while patiently hoping for the fish he has dreamed of for generations.

Complemented by a fitting Will Yates musical composition, this film will have you scrambling up the loft in search of your childhood fishing rod – which no doubt also has a broken tip!.