Lost River | Micro Fishing For Wild Brown Trout | David West Beale

A sublime offering from Fallons Angler in which David West Beale returns to a favourite urban river to check on the health of its miraculous stocks of wild brown trout. After years of experimentation, he practices the technique of micro spinning, using a tiny rod to cast minuscule barbless lures, mostly upstream.

Wading the river carefully, he pushes deep into those areas unfamiliar to most who live and work there, except playful dogs, lost tennis balls and the occasional surprisingly large trout. An intimate look at a small, delightful river, almost forgotten amongst the roads and tunnels that have encased it. But in the moments when it escapes its concrete prison, it rejoices in short bouts of freedom.

A beautifully shot film – inspiration enough for us all to dig out that little brook rod every game angler owns but seldom get the chance to wield!.