Finding Local Fishing

With current Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions meaning that fishing has to be local, we ‘ve put together this short guide to finding fishing locally. Full details of how current Covid restrictions affect fishing can be found Here for England and Here for Wales.

  1. For many of us, particularly those who live in cities, often canals are our most local places to fish. The Canal & River Trust have a really useful search facility on their website which tells you which clubs control the fishing. You can find the information here
  2. Angling Trust runs it’s own fishing finding map on our website. It shows details of clubs, fisheries, tackle shops and coaches
  3. Tackle shops are a brilliant source of information about local fishing, if you are going to click and collect items or bait from your local shop, it’s worth giving them a ring and asking for advice about local fishing too.
  4. Do a google search ! Many fishing clubs have excellent websites now and may will sell memberships or day tickets online as well as having maps of their fishing and good advice. Don’t forget, you MUST have permission to fish, before you start fishing, so make sure you have bought a day ticket in advance or joined the club, unless it expressly says on their website that they sell day tickets on the bank. If it doubt, give the club a ring.
  5. Remember you need to have a national fishing licence if you are fishing in fresh water in England. If you don’t have one already, you can get one from here . If your not sure what type of licence you need, we have a handy guide here and a full guide to fishing legally in several languages here.
  6. If you are new to fishing then why not check out all the great articles for new anglers on Fishing Buzz HERE