Dry Fly Fishing for Trout | In Conversation With Paul Procter | Fishing Discoveries

Paul Procter is one of the most gifted dry fly anglers you’ll ever meet. Fishing discoveries had the opportunity to film and observe him using his approach with the dry fly in some very testing conditions. A rising river with dirty water (getting muddier all the time) isn’t exactly what you hope for on a day targeting trout on the surface!.

This chat was filmed at the end of our first day of working on what will hopefully become a fantastic guide to fishing the dry fly for trout and grayling in rivers and streams. As you will see, Paul was extremely generous with his thoughtful answers and I’m sure you’ll find some fantastic insights to tackling trout fishing with floating flies. As well as discussing rise-forms and the importance of intensely watching the water before starting to cast – Paul also talks about the effects of current speed and water clarity on how fish take flies.

While he makes it clear that he doesn’t think his favourite way of targeting trout is “better” than any other method of fishing, it is true to say that many anglers aspire to master the skills of dry fly fishing for trout.