Chris Yates & Martin Bowler: Sticky Baits Reflections

A beautifully shot film from Sticky Baits TV featuring two angling legends…

Angling means different things to different people, some love the solitude of a large windswept pit, others prefer the company of friends on smaller, more intimate venues. It is the latter that we focus on in this stunning piece, as we follow Martin Bowler along with his friend, and carp angling legend, Chris Yates.

Martin and Chris have a long-standing relationship, and even though they are very different people, they get on so very well. Although they don’t fish together often; each trip is special and this one was no different.

The intrepid piscators target a secret estate lake surrounded by dense woodland, populated by some magnificent and rather old carp. Porcupine quill floats, split cane rods and centerpins; Chris’ gear hasn’t changed. Simply, sit back, and enjoy this wonderful story unfold….