1300 Mile Trip | Mark Pitchers | Carp Fishing Bosnia | Fox International

For many years, Mark Pitchers has travelled across the globe in search of giant carp and his passion to do so has never left him. In this Episode of ‘Chasing Giants’ from Fox International, Mark heads over to Lake Pelagicevo in Bosnia with the target of catching a 25kg + Carp. .

As always, Mark reveals everything he knows about catching carp and explains the rigs and bait that catches these impressive fish. .As well as Marks Knowledge, he also sits down for a chat with giant carp catching legend Kristof Cuderman – noted for his capture of 9 different 30kg+ fish from 9 different countries.

If you’re looking for an inspiring and entertaining film or you’re about to embark on your own journey chasing giant carp, then this film is for you! Full of tips, tactics and all the excitement that comes with such an adventure!